Ricova International Inc.

Ricova International Inc. was founded in 2001, initially incorporated as Forest Fibers Inc., when Asia massively increased its imports of raw materials. Ricova International Inc. has therefore established itself as the first company in Eastern Canada to export waste and recycled paper from Quebec and Ontario to Asia.

Ricova International Inc. is led by a young group of determined, dedicated and dynamic entrepreneurs with several years of experience in the recycling field. Our ability to find outlets for all recycled materials, our commitment to the recovery of materials, our ability to increase the value of recycled materials and our close ties to various international markets make us one of the most flexible companies in the industry.

Ricova Services Inc.

Founded in 2009 in Quebec, Ricova Services Inc. is active in the transportation, collection and management of waste, recycled and composted materials. What isn’t known, is the fact that 85% of the materials that are collected and transported are known to be recycled materials (paper, cardboard, plastic and metal).

Ricova Services Inc. operates for commercial divisions, for industrial divisions and for residential sectors. The company also collects waste, recycled and composted materials for several municipalities in Quebec.

In 2017, Ricova Services Inc. made the decision to acquire CNG trucks that take up compressed natural gas in order to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, thin particle emissions and loud obstructive noises. The company currently has a fleet of rear packers and front end trucks, mostly all functioning with compressed natural gas.

The outline of the services offered include:

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  • Long-term and short-term leases of containers ranging from 2 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards.
  • Rental of wheelie bins for residential use.
  • Rental of compactors for waste and recyclables.
  • Transportation of waste and recyclables.
  • Management of waste and recycled materials as well as transporting these materials to the appropriate disposal sites.

Ricova Services Inc. has developed an expertise to offer and implement effective, creative and customer-friendly solutions. Since its founding, the company has grown steadily and made sustained efforts to contribute to a better environment.