Ricova has ventured and invested in different companies and industries that share the same strategic vision.  This has created greater opportunities to provide more solutions to suppliers and customers.

Ricova Industries Colombia and Ricova Industries Malaysia

Markets served

The Ricova Colombia and Ricova Malaysia divisions basically do the same thing: they are primarily focused on buying LDPE film (shopping bag, agri film, LDPE-A, B and C grade).

We presently source mainly from North and South America and Europe. We also have programs where we partner with the generator, supply the proper equipment to bale the material, and have supply agreements to buy this material 12 months a year.

Services offered

Ricova Industries specialize in transforming LDPE into plastic pellet resins. These pellets are resold to different plastic manufacturing companies to produce new plastic products (plastic bags, plastic covered cables, plastic packaging, etc).

Our strengths

Ricova Colombia and Malaysia promote recycling. We work hand in hand with our partners (consumers, suppliers and associations) to ensure that recycling reaches new heights. We make every effort to evolve and come up with new and efficient recycling methods while expending into new international markets.

Our main strength is to offer complete process optimization in the fields of management, integration and polymer recycling.

Both the recuperation and production aspects of platic polymer recycling are booming.  Trust in Ricova’s experts for your collection, purchase and polymer transformation needs.

Seawest Logistics Services

Markets served

Seawest, a division of Ricova serves all domestic and international markets.

Our services

We handle all logistical aspects in-house in order to insure aerial, overland and maritime freight at the best possible price. We also offer worldwide services for small packages through various courier services.

Our strengths

Seawest, a division of Ricova has a competitive advantage in the field of transport logistics. Our strength is to offer custom-made logistical solutions for medium-size businesses. We offer specific and adapted services to our clients by analysing their current and future transport needs.


Market served

KTA International covers the North American, Latin American, Caribbean and Asian markets.

Services offered

KTA International is a foodstuff brokerage firm offering produce from the Americas destined for an international clientele.  We aim for impeccable service and guarantee the best price on the market.

Our strengths

Our mission is to provide clients with sustainable supplies, a competitive advantage and to answer to all needs and demands, across private and public spheres.

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