Life on the front line for Ricova Services Inc and Recycle City

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As the constant flow of updates, alarming statistics, and breaking news continue to bombard both our screens and our minds, we would like to acknowledge the unquestionable determination and perseverance of our Ricova Services and Recycle City Inc. employees who continue to work the front lines during this period of disruption. With overwhelming strength and resilience each day, these individuals are demonstrating their capacity to act, adapt, and show undeniable courage as they work tirelessly through a time of disruption and difficulty.

While each person is experiencing these events individually, a degree of stress and uncertainty have touched us as a community, only deepening our gratitude for the individuals continuing to work and embrace the chaos as a challenge to their greatness. As the current events continue to create obstacles, it is our Ricova Services and Recycle City Inc. who are putting their community first and continuing to perform exceptionally. We must recognize and show our appreciation to our front line team members who continue their contributions not only to our essential operations, but to our society at large, through any circumstance that comes their way. As a team, it is our employees who set the bar high for our collective ability to show integrity and rise above any barrier to success.

We are extremely proud of how much we have been able to grow and accomplish throughout this time. To our employees, we acknowledge the challenges you are facing and the commitments you have demonstrated through your hard work and resilience. It is this determination which keeps our community running, especially in times of great despair. Thank you for all that you have done and all that you continue to do, not only for our team, but for our cities. From the bottom of our hearts, we express our full gratitude to your work.

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