Waste management services

Ricova manages waste and recyclable material

Ricova Services manages materials discarded by Quebecers, from curb-side collection to elimination by enhancing recovery and recycling. No material is useless at Ricova.  Everything receives a second life.


We primarily offer our waste management services throughout the province of Quebec. We collect thousands of tons of domestic, commercial and industrial residual waste. We manage:

  • residential recycling pickup
  • municipal recycling pickup
  • commercial and industrial waste and recycling removal
  • institutional waste recycling programs

Services offered

We offer collection of residual waste and recyclable material in numerous Quebec cities. We also offer complete waste management service such as :

  • Rear end and front end pick up service
  • Rolloff pickup service
  • Container drop off, anywhere from 240 liters bins all the way to 68 cubic yards
  • Recycling equipment installation to meet any needs (stationary and integrated compactors, balers, and more)

Thanks to our recycling bins (Green Box) you can choose to mix different recyclable materials in one box.  Don’t bother sorting out materials, our recycling centers will take care of it!

Our Strengths

Recycling is our passion. We put all the pieces of the puzzle together to meet your recycling and recuperation needs while reducing your costs.

All of our trucks are equipped with a satellite positioning GPS and a mobile communication system allowing continuous communication between drivers, dispatch and customer service. Our fleet is made of 50 units and more than 3,000 containers (2 to 68 yards’ capacity) allowing for a quick and efficient response to clients’ requests.

You care about the environment and wish to help keep it clean and green?  So do we!

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