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Container rental

No matter the size of your project and needs, Ricova is the partner you need! Thanks to a speedy, courteous, and professional service, our team is oriented towards satisfying our client.

We are proud of offering a solution that best suits your requirements!

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Conteneur roll-off

Rear-loading containers

Rear-loading Truck
Rear-load collections are perfect for containers that are located in constrained spaces.

Front-loading Containers

Front-Loading Truck
Quick and flexible, front-loading collections possesses the possibility of using different types of containers.


Roll-off Truck
Roll-off containers are perfect for organisations that generate a large volume of residual material, such as groceries and food markets, industries, as well work such as renovation, demolition roofing and earthworks.

Compaction System Containers

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Ricova's role in the development of a green economy

Ricova's role in the development of a green economy

In addition to the environmental aspects already well known, recycling and the recovery of recyclable materials have a great importance in the development of a green economy.
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