Zero-waste and original festive wrapping guide!

Noël zéro déchet

It is possible to create gift packaging that is both ecological and sublime

Every year, Christmas packaging is a topic of discussion for anyone who wants to reduce their environmental footprint. The same goes for the Christmas tree: is it better for the environment to buy a natural or artificial tree? We also discuss this issue in the Christmas decorations blog. To help you make the right choices, we’ve put together the best green Christmas packaging ideas we’ve found and used ourselves year after year.

Reusable festive packaging

Before thinking about spending and consuming, why not turn to what we already have in our possession that could serve as packaging? Whether it’s old shoe boxes, empty metal cookie boxes (or not!), Masson pots or rolls of finished toilet paper that we can fold into a small safe, all these options are good to replace the traditional gift bags we buy every year. However, if you have a reserve of gift bags and tissue paper, keep them from year to year. You can rest easy: no one will remember that their presents were packaged in the same packaging as the year of year!

Festive textile wrapping

And what about your old scarves, orphan stockings or dishcloths that we always have in industrial quantities, these fabrics can be used to pack fragile objects such as wine bottles or glass containers. You can also draw inspiration from the Japanese furoshiki method that offers simple ways to cover your Christmas gifts with style. Or better yet, opt for a reusable bag that is sometimes made of fabric to carry your gifts and why not offer the bag with the gift? The bag will have a second life and will have a much longer lifespan than just the holiday season.

Emballage de Noël en tissu

Homemade Xmas wrapping

Wrapping your gifts with metal wrapping paper or newsprint doesn’t make any difference to us, but for the environment, it’s a big change. According to Zero Waste Canada, which published a study in 2017, Canadians produce about 540,000 tonnes of waste at Christmas, which is equivalent to 28,420 whales. Yes yes, so many whales for gift packages that have an extremely limited lifespan. Not to mention that most of them can’t be recycled…

Why not opt this year for packaging that we make ourselves? Use old magazines, store flyers or kraft paper as packing material and decorate the rest of the tree branch, pine cone, flower slices or dried fruit. Success is guaranteed! You can also use butcher’s rope, cotton string or rope to tie it all together. The advantage of using kraft paper is that you can unleash your imagination and draw yourself on the packaging, personalizing it and making it unique! The person who receives the present will feel touched by this delicate attention.

Zero-waste and heart-warming presents

The best possible gift for anyone who wants to limit their waste production at Christmas is to give of their time. While we’re all looking for quality experiences and time, there’s nothing better than signing a Christmas card with a promise of activity or coupons for special occasions. It is often the little attentions that make the most pleasure!

Happy holidays from the entire Ricova team!

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