Word from the President Dominic Colubriale

Dominic Colubriale President Ricova

As the saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going”. It is a real privilege for me, as founding president, to lead an entirely Quebec-owned company that is proactive in protecting the environment.

Ricova’s 20th anniversary, which we will be celebrating starting September 2021, becomes, for us, a great opportunity to restate our commitment in offering solutions that are adapted to the needs of our communities. If there is one thing that I have come to understand these past few years, it is that we all share a common goal: to make a difference in terms of responsible waste management.

Furthermore, if the company has been here for 20 years, it is all because of its main driving force: the people. It is all thanks to the women and men of Ricova that the company is what it is today. I would like to take this time of celebration to thank them for their commitment towards the everyday development of our company.

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Ricova’s 20th anniversary

September 2021 marks Ricova’s 20th anniversary. This new step in its development marks two decades of successful growth, investment, and commitment in offering its expertise in the collection, sorting and valorization of residual material in Quebec.

Throughout the last 20 years, Ricova has kickstarted several projects to find more outlets for recyclable products in both the local and international markets. By doing so, Ricova has become, over the years, a real leader when it comes to the responsible management of residual materials in Quebec.

However, it is only the beginning, because the company aims at building on that leadership in the upcoming years by increasing its presence in the market, with the same concern of putting in place integrated and innovative solutions that meet the needs of citizens and our customers. This is also the perfect opportunity for Ricova to unveil its new mission: to continuously serve its customers by recovering and valorizing all materials collected, and to invest in its recycling processes to become a leader in zero-waste management.

Because the past guarantees the future, we will continue to collaborate closely with our partners. Our commitment towards increasing the value of recycled products and our close ties with different markets makes Ricova one of the most flexible in the industry.

Our 20th anniversary is therefore a privileged opportunity to recognize the work of its more than 400 employees.

In the spirit of its 20th anniversary, Ricova is unveiling a retrospective video of its activities that showcases the development and the experience that the company has acquired in the recycling industry throughout the past two decades.

Available on all digital platforms and social media, the video will be shown throughout the next year – a year which promises to be festive and colourful as it celebrates Ricova’s 20th anniversary.

Ricova’s 20th anniversary
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