Residential Recycling Process

From collection, transport, and processing, while including the export of our recyclable materials, Ricova Group ensures all stages of the recycling chain in Quebec, like elsewhere. All the recycled materials picked up by collection are sent to be recovered in our different sorting centres to minimize landfill.






Our efforts to modernize various sorting centres by Ricova has paid off these past few years. And it is only the beginning! Thanks to our conscientious work, we can supply material that is more than satisfying as based off the new requirements of our sorting lines and to find takers for the bales of the various recyclable materials that we produce.

Due to our investments, the technological equipment that we possess in our different centres are more and more performing and, especially, use less and less energy. We carry out sorting at each of our service points, which allows us to maximize the recovery, the recycling and the valorisation of the materials received.

Every gesture counts!

It goes without saying that we strongly continue to invite the citizens and clients to maintain their good habits and to use their recycling bin. Our efforts towards the responsible management of residual materials are precious. We must continue this path, while further promoting, among other things, the principles of a circular economy.

As a private integrated company, we possess the responsibility to continue working with our partners in the recycling industry. Let us each do our part by giving importance to our environment through responsible triage. If each person pays attention to their recyclables, our planet will only get better and better!

Because every gesture counts!

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Unlocking the Power of Recycling: 4 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly vital, recycling stands out as a beacon of hope.
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