Ricova Services Inc.

One of Ricova Groupe’s divisions, Ricova Services Inc. stands out in Quebec through its quality of its service when it comes to the collection and transportation of residual materials and recyclables. Recyclable materials represent by themselves more than 80% of all material collected and transported.

Entirely Quebec-owned

Founded in 2009, Ricova Services Inc. is the only integrated company for the collection, sorting and resale of recyclable materials and is entirely Quebec-owned. It collects residual materials from dozens of private companies from the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors, as well as the residential collection for municipalities located in the Greater Montreal Metropolitan area and the area of Monteregie.

The collected recyclable materials are then sent to various sorting centers, including those operated by Ricova. Waste, on the other hand, is directed to recognized landfills who will recover this material by converting it into natural gas, among other things.

A green company

In 2017, Ricova Services Inc. took an important green turn by equipping itself with a fleet of trucks that run on natural compressed gas to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, as compared to diesel. Moreover, the use of natural compressed gas enables us to significantly reduce the noise of our trucks — up to 10 decibels less than a diesel-powered engine.

On top of the environmental advantages, using natural gas for our vehicles allow us to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by achieving potential savings of up to 35% compared to diesel, from the very first kilometers.

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