Residual and recyclable
materials management

Ricova, the most integrated residual and recyclable materials management company in Quebec

In business since 2001, Ricova Group is the only entirely Quebec-owned integrated collection, sorting, and resale of recyclable materials enterprise, with more than 35 years of experience. Managed by a determined and dedicated team, Ricova Group is highly concerned with the protection of the environment by supporting ecological alternatives that optimizes operations and obtains more value for recycled materials.

Ricova, a committed company

By offering its customers and citizens a service dedicated to excellence, Ricova Group is committed to making our planet a better, greener, more sustainable, and more engaged world, where respect for the environment is at the core of its values.

Ricova Group is responsible for waste collection services with a fleet of more than 125 trucks and operates four centres in Quebec that specialize in the sorting and conditioning of recyclable materials of all categories – glass, plastic and metal.

Finally, thanks to a diversified business network, Ricova Group works to find markets for the use of recyclable materials around the world.

Because every gesture counts.

Ricova recyclage
Ricova recyclage metal verre
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