Decades of expertise serving the environment

In business since 2001, Ricova Group, a family-owned company, has solid experience in the recycling industry. From the collection, transportation, and processing, including the import and export of materials, Ricova Groupe covers all the stages of the recycling chain of Quebec and elsewhere.

Ricova Group is responsible for waste collection services with a fleet of more than 125 trucks and operates four centres in Quebec that specialize in the sorting and conditioning of recyclable materials of all categories – glass, plastic and metal.

Through its know-how and expertise, it contributes in an important way to the collection, the development, and the marketing of a large part of the recycled products of many sorting centres in Quebec. Thanks to a determined, dedicated, and dynamic team, Ricova Group is today’s leader in the responsible management of residual materials in Quebec.

A Quebec leader in the recovery of recyclable materials

While relying on a large and diversified business network, the organisation also works relentlessly to find markets for the use of recyclable materials around the world. Ricova Group offers new opportunities to other sorting centres, to companies and to citizens in general.

As we approach our 20th anniversary, which will be celebrated throughout the Fall of 2021, Ricova will continue to invest in all our processes that aim at integrating our activities so that we can continuously control costs and the flow of recyclable materials to more flexible outlets in the face of ever-changing markets.

A Strategy for the Valorisation of Organic Matter

The objectives are in line with the Strategy for the Recovery of Organic Matter unveiled in July 2020 by the Quebec government. The government has established ambitious targets for how Quebec will manage its organic waste by 2030.

Currently, organic materials make up about 60% of the 5.8 million of tonnes of waste disposed of each year. This sector is also the fifth largest emitter of GHGs in Quebec and is responsible for the emission of approximately 4.55 million tons of CO2 per year.

For Ricova Group, the implementation and deployment of this strategy is essential. Not only is it conducive to the post-COVID-19 economic recovery, but it is also very important in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions. The organisation, therefore, positions itself as an integrated company and a leader, in Quebec, in the responsible management of residual materials to respond to the various environmental issues we face.

Because every gesture counts.

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