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Front-Load Collections

A front-loading container assures flexibility and a quick service.

This container is ideal for spaces that are easily accessible, such as institutions, businesses, and apartment buildings.

Perfect for the collection of recyclable materials (cardboard, plastic, paper, metal) and waste, different models of containers are available, for example, oblique or flat, which enables it to be adapted to its placement.

According to the volume of material generated by your organisation and the planned frequency, our team will be able to guide you on which model will be the most convenient, varying from 2 to 10 cubic yards.

At all times, Ricova offers these containers for rent or for purchase. Get information directly from one of our advisors to make a clear choice that is the most appropriate for your needs!

Connect to MY ACCOUNT to know the schedule of collections or to program one for your organisation.

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Batteries in the Recycling Bin: A Fire Hazard Mixture!

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