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Recyclable Materials Marketing

For Ricova, what is the waste of one is raw material for another. It is on this basis that we have built our business and reputation over the years.

With offices in North America, South America, and Asia, and equipped a team possessing in-depth knowledge of global exports, we possess the ability to market recyclables worldwide.

Nearly 70% of our exports go to our main market, the Indian subcontinent, where we have strong trade relationships with several paper mill companies. These waste recovery companies will, then, produce recycled cardboard and paper, which will be successfully reintroduced into a cycle of repurposing.

In addition, we are constantly seeking new opportunities in different destinations in other areas of the world, notably Southeast Asia, South America and Africa.

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Batteries in the Recycling Bin: A Fire Hazard Mixture!

Batteries in the Recycling Bin: A Fire Hazard Mixture!

Each year, four to eight fires occur in sorting centers, which puts the health and safety of workers and the integrity of buildings at risk, while undermining the sound management of residual materials in Quebec.
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