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Ricova’s Know-How

From collection, transport, and processing, while including the export of our recyclable materials, we ensure all stages of the recycling chain in Quebec.

At Ricova, we bring to each of our client’s innovative solutions that directly support their operations and objectives. Thanks to our expertise, we can provide the services that will best suit your needs.

Our solutions are intended to create concrete answers to the issues related to the management of residual materials, but also the fight against climate change, sustainable development and the circular economy; all issues we all face.

Because the status quo is not an option, let us show you our know-how!

From your home to us. Every gesture counts!

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What happens to recycled metals?

What happens to recycled metals?

Metal recycling involves collecting, sorting and treating metal waste to give it a second life and reintroduce it to the market as a raw material.
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