Zero Waste Kitchen

Cuisine zéro déchet

Zero Waste Week 2023 is here, inviting us to take a closer look at our daily habits and make conscious choices that align with a greener future.

UN World Water Week 2023

Semaine mondiale de l’eau

Every year, the United Nations (UN) hosts the World Water Week, a significant event dedicated to discussing and addressing global water-related challenges.

Is a green Easter possible?

Pâques verte

In many Quebec households, Easter is synonymous with family meals, a long vacation to rest, brunches by the fire, but above all, Easter chocolates!

How to make your lunch zero waste

lunch zero waste

At five lunches a week, multiplied by the number of weeks of school or work, there is something we can do to reduce our carbon footprint.

What happens to recycled metals?

Que deviennent les métaux recyclés?

Metal recycling involves collecting, sorting and treating metal waste to give it a second life and reintroduce it to the market as a raw material.


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