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National Trucking Week

National Trucking Week

Ricova joins the celebration of National Trucking Week

For many years The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), the country’s national trucking group, in conjunction with the provincial trucking associations, has celebrated National Trucking Week to highlight the important work and contribution made by more than 400,000 Canadians who work as truckers; who daily face adverse climatic circumstances, the stress of the roads and long hours behind the wheel to transport thousands of products that we need or, as in our case, collect our waste, recycling and more. With National Trucking Week taking place September 4 to 10th in Canada, tomorrow we will accompany our drivers and offer them refreshments as a token of our appreciation for their dedication the put in this work. Be sure to highlight this special occasion, when you see driver around give them a thumbs up, to join this week.
Watch the special video prepared by one of our helpers, Simon Teolis, who highlights the work of our wonderful drivers:
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Founded in 2009 in Quebec, Services Ricova Inc. works in the field of transport and collection of residual and recyclable materials. Services Ricova Inc. collects residual materials from private companies as well as from several municipalities in Quebec. Recyclable materials represent more than 80% of the materials it collects and transports. The company also ensures the operation and management of several sorting centers.
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