Ricova’s 20th anniversary: simply… thank you!

20e anniversaire de Ricova

In September, Ricova celebrates its 20th anniversary. This important milestone marks two successful decades of growth, investment, and commitment This is just the beginning!  To our customers, partners, and employees, Ricova would like to say… a big thank you!

After twenty years of building its reputation, the company’s mission continues to be to create the right message for future generations, where respect for the environment is at the heart of our values.

A “new”, forward-looking mission

Our 20th anniversary is also an opportunity to update our mission. This updated mission is resolutely forward-looking. It clearly expresses our desire to further integrate our approach to responsible waste management, and to offer our customers and citizens solutions tailored to their needs today.

In concrete terms, Ricova is committed to “continually serving its customers by recovering materials and investing in recycling processes to be a leader in zero waste”.

The trust shown in us has enabled us to develop significant and promising projects for Quebec. As the past is the guarantor of the future, wait and see what the next 20 years have in store for us!

People, Ricova’s strength

What’s more, if the company has been around for 20 years, it’s also thanks to its main strength: people. It’s the men and women who make Ricova what it is today. This celebration is therefore an opportunity for management to thank them for their commitment to the day-to-day development of our company.

Of course, challenges await us in the coming years, but as always, we will innovate to better face these challenges.

Thanks to the immense potential we have developed over the last two decades, we will be able to build the future – our future – on as solid a foundation as that which marked Ricova’s first 20 years.

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Founded in 2001, Ricova is the most fully integrated Quebec company for its collection, sorting and recycling services for residual and recyclable materials. Recyclable and organic materials represent more than 70% of the materials it collects and transports in Quebec. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the field, Ricova is concerned about protecting the environment by supporting the most ecological solutions that allow it to optimize its operations and obtain more value for recycled materials.
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