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Ricova’s role in the development of a green economy

Ricova green economy

In addition to the environmental aspects already well known, recycling and the recovery of recyclable materials have a great importance in the development of a green economy – having direct effects on economic growth and job creation.

Within the framework of Green Economy Week, which will be celebrated from May 17th to 21st, 2021, Ricova wants to mobilize, in its own way, to highlight its strengths in the work it does to promote an even greener economy. From collection, transportation, and processing, and to the export of materials, Ricova ensures all stages of the recycling chain, in Quebec and elsewhere.

The Benefits of Recycling

Recycling and the recovery of materials have direct positive effects on economic growth. It avoids the waste of natural resources and energy due to the creation of a circular economy, all while securing the supply of industry and raw materials.

The implementation of various provisions that specify the requirements for recycling allows for an effective reduction of waste. Needless to say, a lot of work remains to be done, but it nevertheless represents a considerable and notable benefit in economic and social terms. Waste management is everyone’s responsibility for the preservation of the environment and economic development.

In the context of rising prices and scarcity of raw materials, recycling helps strengthen local independence in terms of the supply of raw materials. Although this is a considerable step forward, efforts must continuously be made.

1 in 26 workers has a green job

The outlook is promising for a vision of innovation. In a March 2021 report, the outlook appears even brighter for the environmental sector, which is expected to recover faster than other sectors, despite the pandemic.

An environmental labour market outlook from now ‘till 2005 shows short-term effects of COVID on the labour market and the green economy.

While Canada has seen a reduction in its overall employed labour force in 2020, the environmental labour force has grown by about 5%. Furthermore, in 2020 in Canada, about 1 in 26 workers (689,000 workers) were employed in green jobs. Finally, job growth and retirements will result in a total of 173,000 net job openings in the environment sector by 2025.

We are on a roll, but we must stay on course. This vast movement of change must continue and it is important to get the right people in the right place as soon as possible. Ricova believes that it is an integral part of the solution.



Founded in 2009 in Quebec, Services Ricova Inc. works in the field of transport and collection of residual and recyclable materials. Services Ricova Inc. collects residual materials from private companies as well as from several municipalities in Quebec. Recyclable materials represent more than 80% of the materials it collects and transports. The company also ensures the operation and management of several sorting centers.
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