Traffic congestion in Montreal

Congestion routière à Montréal

Expected impact on waste and recyclables collection

The closure of the Louis Hippolyte-Lafontaine tunnel will have an impact on the waste collection schedule throughout Greater Montreal.  

Traffic congestion in Montreal is not just a matter for the island, but also for the South Shore and the North Shore since both trucks and staff must travel quickly and effectively to complete their routes. One day on the South Shore, the next on the North Shore and the next on the island: that’s the reality of waste collection companies like Ricova. 

As a result, Ricova and several municipal waste and recyclable collection service providers sent a communication to the municipalities they serve to raise awareness of the current situation. Our letter is reproduced in full below.

As you know, the pandemic has hit industries and the service sector hard, causing a major international crisis. As a public works official, you know more than anyone about the impacts of the pandemic on services provided to Canadians. Despite that, the essential services in Quebec, of which we are all a part, have continued their activities and all the players in our sector have mobilized week after week to ensure the continuation of services to the public. While the economic recovery is upon us, many obstacles make it more difficult and the waste collection sector is no exception. We face several major challenges simultaneously:  
  • One is the shortage of labour, specifically drivers and mechanics. Despite our recruitment efforts and financial incentives to attract these essential professionals to our operations, we are all experiencing a shortage of staff that is impacting our ability to maintain our normal operations.
  • Second, the supply crisis is causing delays in the delivery of equipment and incredible delays in receiving spare parts for repairs. We deplore all the fixed assets of our trucks which, once again, make it difficult to meet our contractual obligations.
  • And finally, the increasingly complex and time-consuming road conditions in the greater Montreal area, especially on the South Shore and the North Shore, particularly because of work in the Louis-Hyppolite-Lafontaine, represent for all an issue of management of the schedules, but also of personnel since the employees are not all domiciled in the place where the garages are located.
  This unprecedented situation is already having a significant impact on our operations and is causing delays in collection. Some municipalities are facing it more than others, but the situation is deplorable everywhere. Given the above, you will understand that this situation is beyond our control. For this reason, we would like you and your administration to show understanding if delays occur or if accommodation is required in the future. We remind you that imposing penalties on us will not allow us to do better or to move faster. This only heightens the pressure on teams that are already highly engaged and passionate about their work. It takes a lot of heart to work in this field and to serve the public. You know something about that. Rest assured that we are very aware of the consequences on your own activities. We also invite you to make your citizens aware of this reality and also to ask them to show patience and understanding. We would like us to become partners in communicating these possible inconveniences to your population. Despite delays, service continues to be delivered to the best of our capabilities and resources. Cyrille Nottori, Director of Activities at Derichebourg François Boivin, General Manager at EBI Jean-Pierre Labelle, General Manager at JR Sanitaire Stephan Bergeron, City Services Manager at Ricova Michel Soucy, President at TRS Chaperon Michel Daoust, President at TRS Robert Daoust

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

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Founded in 2001, Ricova is the most fully integrated Quebec company for its collection, sorting and recycling services for residual and recyclable materials. Recyclable and organic materials represent more than 70% of the materials it collects and transports in Quebec. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the field, Ricova is concerned about protecting the environment by supporting the most ecological solutions that allow it to optimize its operations and obtain more value for recycled materials.
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