End of single-use plastic bags in Montreal

Single-use plastic bags

It’s a done deal since September 27, 2022: Montreal retailers can no longer offer single-use plastic bags to their customers, good news for the quality of materials sorted at sorting centres in Montreal.

What happens to recycled plastics

What happens to recycled plastics

In a previous blog, we told you about the seven different types of plastic, made from different materials. They are used for different items and will be recycled into different products.

The different types of plastic

Different types of plastic

Just because there’s the recycling logo on the bottom of your plastic cup doesn’t mean it’s really recyclable. Some plastics are fully recyclable and others have toxic components, making the recycling process more complicated.

National Trucking Week

National Trucking Week

For many years The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), the country’s national trucking group, in conjunction with the provincial trucking associations, has celebrated National Trucking Week to highlight the important work and contribution made by more than 400,000 Canadians who work as truckers.

How to adapt to the ban on plastic bags

Ban on plastic bags

As of September 27, 2022, restaurants will also be required to comply with these regulations. Let’s take a closer look at what the regulations say and how you can adapt to the changes.

Fires at the sorting centres

Fires at the sorting centres

The fires at the sorting centres have attracted a great deal of attention in recent weeks, particularly that of a building, renovation and demolition (CRD) sorting centre in eastern Montreal, which has impacted the lives of the residents of the neighbourhood.

Move while protecting the planet!

Move while protecting the planet

With July 1 just around the corner, here are some simple reminders to help you make the right choices. Don’t forget to check out Recyc-Québec’s “Ça va où?” app, when you sort out your possessions!