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BIG Inspector’s Report

Ricova refutes the accusations and will explain the misconceptions

Brossard, March 21st, 2022 – The Chief Executive Officer of Ricova, Dominic Colubriale, reviewed the report of Inspector Brigitte Bishop of the City of Montreal’s Office of the Inspector General (BIG). At the outset, he refutes the conclusions made, which are not in line with the real situation.

“I disagree with what the inspector has concluded,” says Colubriale. The reality is that Ricova International buys recyclable materials from sorting centres in Montreal at prices generally higher than the monthly average calculated by Recyc-Québec. There is no dolosive maneuver there.”

Ricova International has been purchasing recyclable materials from several Quebec sorting centres for the past two decades. The two Montreal centres have always benefited from market-like conditions and, since 2020, generally above-average prices.

Ricova has generated profits for the City of Montreal of nearly $5 million since the start of operations, in 2020. An expert report commissioned from an independent firm supports this position – a report that was shared with the BIG.

“We will take the time to carefully analyze all the statements and shed light on what appears to have been misunderstood, including last January when we answered questions from the BIG inspector. It is important for us that the citizens, like elected officials, see the work we do and understand all the ins and outs of it. We will take the time to explain this in the coming days,” concludes Dominic Colubriale.

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