Why is Sustainability Taking Us By Storm


As the rise of sustainability comes into current social trends, it’s important to recognize its relevance falls beyond being something everybody is talking about nowadays. While the term is gaining massive popularity, it is grounded in a meaning that extends to core Ricova values and the means by which we as a collective individual meet our needs without compromising the environment for ourselves and future generations. Sustainability is more than a means by which we lessen our consumption and waste habits; it encourages individuals, business, and society as a whole to begin reframing their decisions in an impactful way which looks ahead.

There are three pillars to sustainability: environment, economy, society. In tying together these three notions, the goal is to balance natural resources with the actual needs of society, rather than their wants. While this may seem idealistic in theory, a more sustainable lifestyle is the key goal, instead of trying to change everything in one go. If we were each individually capable of realizing a few habits that could be changed within our lifestyle throughout the course of the next following months – habits that have sustainable alternatives – we as a collective community would be able to make large strides in the direction of sustainable living. These small changes could include examples as simple as taking up composting or recycling when you previously had not, replacing simple disposable household items for reusable alternatives, or even switching off the lights when leaving a room.

While there are undoubtedly large-scale initiatives which should take place in order to be better to our environment, there is no denying the power small consistent steps make in impacting our community. Ricova’s mission values sustainability as an approach to improving and managing the carbon footprint of our society. A sustainable system is important, we believe, as it remains strong and preserved over time. Believing in sustainability is believing in our ability to preserve our environment and exist as a community. In addition, consider these simple ways to be more sustainable within your everyday life, including: reducing your individual energy and electricity use, shopping and eating locally, buying second-hand items when possible, be conscious of your water consumption, use reusable coffee cups and cutlery, and pay attention to any small things you could change. The goal is not to be perfect, but the goal should be to try.

The rise of the popularity of sustainability today teaches us that there is more to environmental change than meets the eye. It is the everyday habit, the small step outside our comfort zone, and the changing in perspective that allow us to move towards a brighter environment. As our Ricova community continues to work continuously to do our best at improving our environmental impact and surroundings, we recognize that it is in bettering our knowledge itself that we create a more open mind to making the best improvements we as a community possibly can.



Founded in 2001, Ricova is the most fully integrated Quebec company for its collection, sorting and recycling services for residual and recyclable materials. Recyclable materials represent more than 80% of the materials it collects and transports in Quebec. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the field, Ricova is concerned about protecting the environment by supporting the most ecological solutions that allow it to optimize its operations and obtain more value for recycled materials.
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